climate uturn program
We help young people create environmentally sustainable projects for their communities
Real environmental projects with experienced trainers and mentors
Opportunity to learn from the leading companies in ESG and CSR

You will analyze case studies that trigger creative and critical thinking

You will collaborate with local and international experts in the field to create projects that improve your own communities

105 young patricipants in 2021 in Russia and Armenia
10 environmentally sustainable projects that address real environmental problems in local communities
Sustainable canteens for schools, online platforms to share food waste, waste sorting in schools, greenhouse renovation, growing organic foods in school and awareness-raising campaigns
Emilia Simonian
University of Cambridge
Veterinary Medicine
Hasmik Hakobyan
University College London
Maria Dyshlyuk
Tel Aviv
Moscow State University Higher School of Economics
Culture Studies
You will learn everything you need to know about sustainability globally

Sustainability in Food Industry
❌ Methane Production from Food Waste
🌿 Solutions from UK, Denmark and Israel

❌ Industrial Meat Production
🌿 Alternatives from Spain, Switzerland, USA, Israel

❌ Industrial Agriculture
🌿 Solutions from Australia and Saudi Arabia in Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Organic Certification, Natural Pest Control

❌ Plastic Pollution
🌿 Alternatives from Mexico, Philippines, UK
Sustainability in Fashion and Beauty
❌ Fast Fashion and Mass Consumption
🌿Solutions from Russia, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria and USA in Recycled Fabric, Virtual Fashion, Upcycling, Clothing Rental

❌ Cotton Production
🌿 Alternatives from Austria, USA, Taiwan

❌ Synthetic Materials in Fashion and Beauty
🌿 Alternatives from Armenia, Mexico, USA, UK

❌ Animal cruelty and illegal labor
🌿 Solutions from Kenya, Iran, France, USA

Sustainable Cities
❌ Construction Materials
🌿 Solutions from Australia and Denmark in Sustainable Buildings, Recyclable Construction Materials

❌ Emissions from Transportation
🌿 Solutions from South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark

❌ Municipal Waste
🌿 Solutions from Thailand, USA and France

❌ Energy Consumption and Fossil Fuels
🌿 Solutions in Renewable Energy Sources and the Latest Trends in Nuclear Energy

🚀 Project-based Learning Activities
🚀 You will analyze a case study about production of bioplastics and create a short business plan for the project

🚀 You will discuss your project ideas with the trainer, learn about investments, crowdfunding, grants and bank loans. You will learn how pivotal Alumni-Community cooperation is for creating successful projects

🚀 In groups, you will analyze case studies about three sustainable restaurants and learn how to utilize their experience for your community

🚀 You will learn how to do pre-project research and why it's critical for your project

🚀 You will learn how to set measurable goals for your project and how to promote your work, increasing its impact

Your projects will address real environmental problems in your community. You will get hands-on experience in creating and conducting environmental community projects
Problem solving
Project planning
Critical thinking
Creative thinking
Climate Uturn Program is powered by leading organizations in Armenia and Russia. We have helped boost ESG, CSR and PR activities for our partners as well as shared best international practices in sustainability with their teams
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