Project Management
Project idea submission
Project Management
Project idea submission
Arshile Gorky
Arshile Gorky
This is the last reading for this module. Here you should do only 1 exercise - submit your project idea!
But before that let's look at some advice from us to fill in the form in a best way!
But before filling the form in, let's look at some common mistakes people do. This will help you do the exercise in the best way!
The problem you want to solve
Here we really want you to give us a detailed explanation of the problem you want to solve with your project.

The best way to do it is:
  • imagine you are telling it to a person who has never been in your town and has never heard of it and the issues
  • be as specific as you can
  • emphasize why exactly is it an issue for the community, how does it affect the target audience
  • add numbers/statistic details if there are any
  • bring examples, personal experience
The solution
A short, one sentence answer does not explain your project.
Remember - you know your project very good! But the person you are telling it to, has no clue about it.

Instead of saying "I will do agriculture" or "I will grow vegetables" try being as specific as possible and tell what exactly you are planning to do. E.g. I've done a research and learned about permaculture. So I want to start growing fruits and vegetables using permaculture approach on a land near my house. I will have vegetables, fruit trees and berries. Also chicken. All the harvest will be sold to locals at the market...".

The best way to do it is:
  • include details about what exactly you are planning to do, where, when and how
  • write the major steps you will do

Why are you the best?
Always remember - you will be persuading people to help you, give you money, expertise, dedicate their time and resources to your idea.

They need to believe that you are the best person that can solve the problem. And that is why you really need to persuade everyone about that.

That is why we advise you to include all your assets, experience and skills.

Do not say you can solve the issue "because no one else cares about it".Though we understand you emotionally, it is better to also include proofs and relevant experience.

The best way to do it is:
  • include all the research and reading you have done on that topic (if there has been any)
  • try to remember all the events/webinars/seminars you've participates. Even if there is no, you can tell that you've completed Climate Uturn sustainability program and emphasize what you have learned.
  • remember everything you have done during your life (events, school projects, hobbies etc.). Write down every relevant experience you have related to your solution directly and indirectly. E.g. you have organized events at school and lead a team. These are great qualities to prove that for your project you already have organizational, leadership and teamwork skills.
    The ideal result
    When setting goals it works great when you set a specific time and measurable result for that period of time. That way it will be much easier for you to see if your project has success or no.

    E.g. "I will feel that I've made it when i provide fresh vegetables and fruit (total 500kg) to 10 grocery stores in my region each month.
      Your team
      Your team can consist of whoever you want and who can help you to do certain tasks.

      You can ask for help from your family, friends, classmates, school teachers. You can find experts and workers. Anyone who will be involved in your project should be included in this list.

      Very often, kids write down their parents and friends. But they do not think of where exactly those people can help them.
      Mum is always the best team member. But it would be great to elaborate on her skills for the project. So when creating your team members list, always think of their skills and experience that can be useful for a certain process.
      Write down all those people and for each one of them write their roles. How exactly they will help you?
      Tasks and deadlines
      This is also a very important part. Here you should thoroughly think of all the operations that will happen to make your project happen. From the very beginning. Think of what will be your first step? In most cases, kids forget that they also need to include the "find financing" point. Funding is usually one of the first steps.

      Try reverse planning, as we discussed during our previous meetings. Then write down all the tasks that should be done. After that, add the deadlines for each task and a responsible person if there is any.

      Task 1 - find 500k AMD - 1 month (friend David)

      If at this point you don't know how much money you will need, it is ok. You can skip that part.
      Task 1 - find money for trees - 1 month
      Here we ask you to write down everything you will spend money on. Think of ALL the expenses, including salaries, transportation etc.

      If you have already done a research and you know the prices, amazing, you can write them down too and calculate the sum. If no, it is okay. You can just skip the price part.
      And last but not least - let's see how do you plan to find the necessary money for your project.

      We've already told you but let's repeat one more time - until you have a stable, regular income, do not take loans from the bank.

      Instead, there are lots of other, more convenient alternatives, such as fundraising, grants, private donors etc. Try to think more creatively!

      Looking for foundations that are close to your project sphere is good. But you can also try searching for ones, who are not related to the topic, but who support people like you.
      For example, foundations that support girls/people from a certain region/youth from a certain region etc.
      Now it is your turn to take consideration of all those advice and to submit your idea in a best way!
      Exercise 1
      Please submit your final project descriptions. It should be sent no later than 24 hours before the meeting.
      Our team will look into it and you will get suggestions from us during the next meeting, which will be the last one in this module.
      Please fill in the description here.
      Exercise 3
      Please submit your final project descriptions. It should be sent no later than 24 hours before the meeting.

      Our team will look into it and you will get suggestions from us during the next meeting, which will be the last one in this module.
      Please fill in the description here.
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