Discussion 13: Finalizing the project
Պիտ Մոնդրիան
Project discussion
Thank you for submitting your project descriptions.

Today we'll first focus on common mistakes and then discuss what each project is missing. If you have any questions during the process, don't wait and ask.

If you still have questions after the discussion, feel free to ask.
The trainer discusses each phase of the project. When discussing fundraising, trainer should emphasize a few things:
In the end, the trainer emphasizes that:

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  • There are more modules; if you want to continue the program, you just need to apply through the website. If more than 5 kids from your group apply, we can continue like this. If only you or a few of you want to continue, we will add you to another group, which is also great because you will meet new interesting people.
Trainer —
Note for the trainer: ask kids to turn their cameras on for a graduation photo :)
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