This module takes you on a 2-months journey about sustainability, you'll understand global trends and will see the big picture in different sectors: food industry, fashion and beauty, urbanism. You'll learn about the most progressive people, technologies and companies and will discuss how to adapt this to your local market.
You wake up in the morning and cook breakfast, you put on clothes and go out. You drive to school, uni or work, you catch up with friends in the cafe in the evening — everything you do can be done in a more sustainable way. And there are people who build this new sustainable infrastructure and change the world. You'll learn all about them and their technologies.
Smart beehives
Creating meat in a lab
New mobility
Green roofs
Virtual clothes
Cactus leather
You'll have weekly discussions with one of these super trainers
You'll plan every step of your project and will be ready to implement it. And you will boost your skills
NO checking if you learned content by heart
NO lectures and NO boring texts
creative thinking
critical thinking
chat with like-minded peers
2 months
Live discussions with cool trainers who ask for your opinion
Real-life examples of
working companies
Interactive content
  • Hasmik Hakobyan

    University College London
  • Emilia Simonian

    University of Cambridge
    Veterinary Medicine
  • Nane Khachikyan

    American University of Armenia
University College London
Hasmik Hakobyan
University of Cambridge
Veterinary Medicine

Emilia Simonian
American University of Armenia
Nane Khachkyan
  • WEEK 1
    Projects against food waste
    You'll discover how companies are solving food waste problem through better management, technology and furniture.
    You'll act as a sustainable business owner and think how to find partners and investors. You'll practice to change someone's mind within 3 minutes.

    • make decisions • build arguments • find flaws in reasoning • pitch an idea
  • WEEK 2
    Projects for better meat consumption
    How industrial livestock production and monoculture harm the environment? You'll learn about 3D printed meat and other interesting meat alternatives.
    You'll work with your peers to compare and analyze these alternatives and think like an entrepreneur to design your own brand.

    • find data • see the big picture• generate new ideas• learn the art of polite debate
  • WEEK 3
    Projects against plastic packaging
    You'll analyze the lifecycle of plastics and learn about its alternatives.
    You'll design hotels for bees and use your entrepreneurial skills to sell these hotels. You'll turn on your critical thinking to compare bioplastics to regular plastics, differentiate food labels and see if you can spot greenwashing.

    • create logical consequence• raise funding • accept feedback • solve problems
  • WEEK 4
    Projects in permaculture
    You'll learn how regenerative agriculture can contribute to a healthy soil and even revive the land.
    You'll design your own backyard with the principles of permaculture.

    •think steps ahead • make decisions•assess risks •effective teamwork
  • WEEK 5
    Projects against pollution
    You will be introduced to synthetic fabrics' impact and production process as well as its eco-friendly alternatives. You will discover how a cement company can reduce carbon emissions .

    You will imagine yourself a parliament member and try to find a way out of a difficult situation.

    • think critically • find and analyze data • debate• make decisions
  • WEEK 6
    Projects against fast fashion
    You will learn how to make conscious choices when shopping for the benefit of health and the environment. You'll experience wearing virtual clothes and other interesting solutions to reduce fashion waste.

    You will boost your critical thinking and will learn to question yourself about the information you see, hear or read.

    •pitch • be creative • find reasoning • think critically
  • WEEK 7
    Projects for fair and ethical trade
    You will learn how to spot unethical fashion and jewelry brands. With your peers you will become detectives and try to find out all the information about certain products in an online database.

    You will draw the map of your town and think of a positive change for it. You'll learn how to plan and monitor that change.

    • reasonable questioning• think critically • manage your time • plan
  • WEEK 8
    Projects in sustainable production
    You'll learn about the most inspiring and cool sustainable brands and cities of the world. You'll play a game and will create your own sustainable brand.

    You will see how different cities of the world manage their waste, choose new mobility and create entire sustainable districts.

    •raise funding • see the big picture•be creative •think critically
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