Help your child choose his future
During the program kids try themselves in different spheres which helps them find what they would like to do in their lives
Prepare for real work
completing real tasks, calculations and reporting, making decisions, learning discipline and responsibility
No homework

there is no home assignments to do or to check

implemented project is a strong add-on for the resume that can be shown to the university or for an internship to get a job
Likeminded people
communication with likeminded peers and experts to widen the worldview and creates good connections
Why choose the program?
  • Entrepreneurship
    if you feel entrepreneurial skills in your child and want him to try himself
  • Ecology
    if he is interested in ecology and he constantly asks you about the planet
  • Soft skills
    if you have an active, interested child and you want to pump critical thinking, creativity and teamwork in him
Learning and creating
The program consists of reading materials and online sessions with trainers with a comfortable schedule and format
on a platform convenient for kids
on food, agriculture, fashion, energy, cities, smart mobility and other topics
with trainers experienced in sustainability and project management
Final project
implemented by kids themselves
The most efficient educational approach
based on the best international educational systems
21st century skills

A specially designed tools to develop the 4C's: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication
Finnish model

Includes phenomenon-based learning which prepares kids to solve problems in real life. NO passive learning abstract or disconnected concepts
Program engages kids from all over Armenia and Artsakh
  • 160 +

  • 77%

    attendance rate
  • 72%

    young girls
the program has been running for over a year
acting as guest experts
program finished
the program is running now

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