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Do you know more about the climate change than the others? Write an article about it and share it with us!
How to become Climate Uturn reporter, so the whole country reads your texts?
Climate Uturn would be happy to receive texts in Armenian, English, and Russian that easily explain complex phenomena.
Contact us using the facebook chat and get a topic.
Write a text according to the rules described below and send us your work using the same chat
We will review the text, and if needed, finalize it together.
We will post the text under your name and promote it.
How to write an article?
  • Lifehacks. Or just useful facts about how to live a happier, easier, sustainable life. Lifehacks can also be about crafting something using a plastic bottle, how to make new stylish clothes out of old ones, or how to convince your grandmother about the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. It's all up to your imagination.

  • Flashcards. 10 facts about the global warming; 8 reasons not to eat avocado; 6 ways to decorate your yard without harming the nature. Usually, flashcards are used to make new information easier for comprehension or to change people's perception about usual practices. Your reasoning is crucial in here.

  • Checklist. It helps us not to forget things. It can be a shopping list, that will make sure you took your tote bag and other things for sustainable shopping experience. Usually checklists just list numerous points.

  • A list of new facts. 7 ways to wear your old cravat, 12 stars who are vegans, or 6 most beautiful places in Armenia. Generally, these kind of texts don't have a logical development, the material is in the form of a list, preferably with pictures.

  • Personal Experience. 5 tips to make your grandmother refuse from plastic bags.
How to structure your ideas? What comes after what?
There is one rule both for simple lists and enlightening texts: one point = one idea. Don't mix the information up into one paragraph, it is better to separate it.

If you decided to write a text, start from the simplest things and end with the complicated one (from the harm plastic does to oceans, to ways to live a more sustainable life in Armenia). If you are explaining a new concept or phenomena, first explain it, and only then tell us the history of it. For example, when explaining the ban of q-tips, start from telling us where and how did it happen, and only then explain why it had been done.

The best way to write an insightful text is to imagine that you are having a conversation with your reader, and make everything to make him understand you.
Who is that reader? How to imagine him?
A friend or a peer with whom you speak respectfully, but at the same time confidentially. It is not necessary to tell jokes that are understood only to a particular circle of people, but also do not make yourself too important. Perhaps the best option is to imagine how you explain something to your parents' friends or your beloved grandmother.
How to structure your point?
– Short points (best for checklists). For example, the question "what to take with you on a trip", you should give a few concise answers: "reusable water bottle", "ecobag for underwear", "shopper for trips to the local market", etc.

– Q&A format (just like this guideline!). You ask a question that is of interest to everyone who is attracted to the topic, and answer it. The answers should be clear and understandable, start from the main point. Be careful: the order inside the answer is as important as inside the whole list.

Right: "Is it true that plastic bags are harmful to the environment?"— "Unfortunately, it is true, and they are very insidious. Packages decompose as long as any other kind of plastic, but used by people only a few minutes...".

Wrong: "Is it true that plastic bags harm the environment?"— "Plastic bags appeared in the countries of the former USSR only at the end of the 20th century, and immediately gained popularity…»

– A short message (suitable for listing facts). For this type, you need to tell us the most important thing and briefly explain what it means. For example, in the list of "7 stars who have started to live eco-friendly" you can write the name of a celebrity and list her/his achievements in environmental protection.
How many items should be on the list? Are there any special requirements in this regard?
There are no restrictions. The main thing is to make sure that the reader understands the main idea and thinks twice before his / her further actions. But it is also important not to make the reader confused by the abundance of information. Therefore, we recommend placing 5 to 15 items in a list.
Everything seems to be clear. What should I bear in mind before submitting?
The most important thing — check the accuracy of the facts. It is important to cite all the information that you found online or any other source. Sometimes it is better to question yourself than to be 100% confident in your knowledge. Then reread the text again — as if you your friend wrote it, not you. Is everything clear in the text? There are no errors? Will it be useful to readers? Then go through this guideline once again — and submit it!
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