360° talks

The buzz around climate change is too loud.
So loud sometimes it's hard to see what is true and what is greenwashing.
How it works
360° talks are our main offline awareness-raising platform. Our interactive events are a good entry point for people who know little about the environment and climate change
We invite experts and scientists who cover different angles of the same topic or sometimes even share different opinions so guests can understand the issue and form their own opinion
4 rounds
Each event consists of 4 rounds of 20-min talks. During the rounds 1 and 2 guests listen to the science-based opinions
Individual Approach
The round 3 provides them with tips on how to live with this knowledge, and during the round 4, all sit together and discuss what they've understood because only by teaching others one can truly learn
Intensely Focused
One hour has never been spent so efficiently. It's a great networking opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals, share views and be a part of a growing community
Past Events
Improve your knowledge
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