Welcome to Climate Uturn
Here we believe that environmental challenges can only be solved together.
And we are here for you.
We work in Armenia and Russia. Our teams are located in Yerevan, Moscow, Tel Aviv and Cambridge.
Here is what we have created so far
Conducted a study on sustainable water consumption for the Moscow City Hall for mos.ru
Conducted food safety research for the UNDP in Armenia
Sustainability consulting
Developed concept and content for the Youth Educational Centre of Yerevan Botanical Garden
Reduced the ecological footprint of festivals such as Local Food Market in Moscow and Urvakan in Yerevan
Built an educational eco-corner at the Yerevan City festival AraratChallenge Fest and invited there Mary Robinson, UN Special Envoy for Climate Change
Education and awareness-raising
Gathered 10,000 people for the biggest cleanup day in Armenia World Cleanup Day
Conducted more than 50 awareness-raising events on ecology in Yerevan and in Moscow
Represented Armenia at the UN Climate Summit in Madrid COP25 in 2019 and Youth4Climate in Milan in 2021
Right now we are focusing on Climate Uturn Program in Russia and Armenia and
on food safety awareness-raising in Armenia
Let's talk
Hi, my name is Diana Badeian and I'm CEO of Climate Uturn, I'll be happy to talk to you. It would be great if you can check our social media as well))