Climate change most likely will make our lives worse

It's getting hotter every day. Scientists say we have only 16 years till unstoppable change will start.
We need to act now.
Optimism and actions
We are optimistic about our future.
Our mission is to help companies and individuals to learn fast and take action.
  • Biggest environmental action in Armenia, World Cleanup Day that gathered 10,000 people and cleaned 300 areas, 2018
  • Interactive educational corner during the biggest city festival in Yerevan, 2019
  • Lecture-party at Groghi tun: Diana Badeian on how to live sustainably, 2019
  • Discussion with the former president of Ireland, global climate activist Mary Robinson during Aurora Forum, 2019
  • 360° talks | My sustainable wardrobe, 2019
  • 360° talks | The plastic bag problem, 2019
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  • Research on food safety with UNDP in Armenia, 2019
  • Research on water consumption for, 2019
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Consulting on sustainability
  • Urvakan music festival made eco-friendly, 2019
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Imagine a world where
people and planet can thrive
Passionate about positive change and environment our team is working from Yerevan, Armenia and Moscow, Russia.
Natalia Komrakova
Anush Davtyan
Aneta Baghdasaryan
Daria Blagova
Ruben Vardanyan
Svetlana Garipova
Arman Badeian

Alexandre Piluguina
Anton Manyashin
Margarita Arzumanian
Eduard Harutyunyan
Annabella Arutuinian
Arsen Badeyan
Babken Badeian
Sophy Zuloian
Roza Aboyan
Georgiy Kevorkov
Anna Treshcheva
Harmick Soofer
Alexey Medvedev
Sergey Ivanov
Anna Hovhannisyan
Mikhail Petrosyan
Karina Papyan
Maria Dalakyan
Maria Mijaski
Diana Badeian
Gayane Odabashyan
Ina Mandre
Vilen Garamov