Everyone is talking about cleanup in Armenia. What has happened and what will take place on September 15?

September 15, 2018 is declared as World Cleanup Day. 150 countries have already joined the movement: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Jordan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa , Australia and others. This year Armenia will take part in the initiative!
What's happening?
Throughout the world, people gather altogether to make their countries clean within the framework of the World Cleanup Day - an international movement where 150 countries participate. World Cleanup Day in Armenia was initiated by a group of volunteers from the IDeA foundation. More than 10,000 people have officially joined the movement - this is the largest number of confirmed participants among all countries, although Armenia joined the initiative among the latter. The organizers in Armenia are working on arranging the most ambitious action of all.
Good. So what are the details?
The action will be held on September 15 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. At the moment, there are volunteer groups in each region. The map with the teams and particular locations will be published on the cleanuparmenia.org next week. Anyone can either join the existing teams or go out and clean their yard and street.

The whole process will be broadcast online throughout the entire country: the organizers will publish photos on their page, make posts on social media, mark the cleansed location and put the hashtag #cleanuparmenia. Journalists will cover the event, and when the cleanup day is over, they will distribute news to the international media.
Just one day? Would not garbage appear again?
Everything depends on us. Organizers expect that in five years such actions will not be needed, because the main goal of the movement is to create new environmental culture, a new way of thinking and show how one can live ecologically and healthy. The initiative will not end with one action, there will be further consistent long-term steps.

Our fellow citizens has already begun learning to live the new way: the # գրազchallenge or #ibetican challenge people to make bets with each other saying that they will give up habits that are harmful to the environment and instead will acquire environment-friendly ones. Every one breaks the bet he/she donates 1 dollar for the World Cleanup Day Armenia movement.
Why can't they cleanup without me?
The waste will be removed but obviously not all of it and not everywhere. Unfortunately, there is too much garbage: a person produces an average of 1 to 1.5 kilograms of garbage a day. The largest amount is plastic, which is found frequently in the streets: it decomposes from 500 to 750 years and all this time it contaminates the soil, air, water, kills animals and infects our food. It is known that in almost every pack of salt it is possible to find particles of microplastic that settle in our bodies.
Okay, but is not plastic going to decompose anywhere else?
No! Plastic bottles collected during World Cleanup Day Armenia will be given for recycling at the Cleanland plant. After recycling it is possible to make building materials, clothes (from 20 small bottles the whole T-shirt turns out).
And who else is involved?
The representatives of all regions in Armenia have confirmed their participation. Initiator of the movement are volunteers from IDeA Foundation, such partners as Ministry of Nature Protection of RA, WWF, ATP, ISSD, Apaga, Ucar, Proper Company, Cleanland, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of RA, Vega, Coca-Cola, Ameriabank, Beeline and more than 100 other private donors, NGOs, companies and policy makers have also joined the movement.
Sounds great. How can I join the World Cleanup Day?
There are several ways. Next week, a map will be published on the project's website cleanuparmenia.org indicating the points where teams will be working and where the garbage will be taken from. If you have a team of more than 30 people, you need to inform the organizers by email lets@cleanuparmenia.org and they will add your point to the map. If you do not have large teams, you can go out with your family or friends and clean your yard or street.

After the cleanup teams will be taking selfies with the hashtag #cleanuparmenia, and the organizers will collect and show them to all of Armenia online during the day.
And yet, why do I need this?
The main idea of the World Cleanup Day movement is to express position environment protection. Even if we do not throw garbage in the streets, but calmly pass by the spontaneous dumps and hovering plastic bags, it means that we accept the situation and we are all happy with it.

Now when there is such a strong civil society in Armenia, waste on the streets and in nature cannot be tolerated. So let's protect our country from garbage and leave a better world for our children.
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